Welcome to the Wellness Wordsmith Network!

Greetings fellow coaches!  This is the first day of the new blog, and I’m going to be writing here for several purposes.  I’ll share tips for writing and time management on occasion.  But most important, each Friday I will post an article called “This Week’s Wellness Wordsmith Network Exclusive.”  If you have signed up for the network by downloading the free customizable report from my website (or if you are a member of the 100 Wellness Authors Club), you are authorized to re-post these articles in their entirety on your blog, website, or Facebook page.  Please make sure to credit “Sue Kemple, The Wellness Wordsmith” as the author.  These articles will generally be editorial in style, with a take on a timely topic related to nutrition, the food industry, our health care system, and other matters that serve to educate the public and/or call for advocacy.  I hope you’ll find the content a welcome addition to your own content, or a helpful replacement for those times when you are struggling to get everything else done in your practice!

If you are interested in having content that you can use as a foundation and customize as your own, please visit my website at www.suekemple.com.  You can be the author of your own book, in fact – and enjoy all the benefits of being a member of the 100 Wellness Authors Club (which includes downloading the template at over half off the regular price!) if you’re among the first one hundred coaches to sign up.

So be sure to request updates from this blog so you’ll always be able to take advantage of some free content for your own online presence.  The first article will be here in the morning.  See you then!


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