My Condolences

It was my intention that this week’s blog article be about whether the USDA procedures for labeling food as “organic” have become compromised by the food industry to the point of irrelevance, as such a case was made in an article in the New York Times last week.  In fact, my article is written and ready to go.

But waking up Friday morning to the news of the movie theater massacre in Aurora, Colorado made irrelevant – for the moment – questions such as the ones I had addressed in my article.

It just doesn’t feel right to post it.  Not today.

As a measure of respect for the victims of this senseless tragedy, I will simply remind us of what Institute for Integrative Nutrition Founder Joshua Rosenthal has said many times: we are each given just one precious life.  While dozens of those precious lives were lost in that theater, there were (as there always are), stories of others who risked their own well-being to help those in need in the midst of the crisis.  There is nothing nobler than to be willing to risk one’s own life to save the life of another, and plenty of ordinary people put their own concerns aside and took that risk during and after this horrific attack.

Food is foundationally important.  But it’s only important because the better nourished we are, the better we’re able  to go about the real business of life – which is to have it make a difference, whether we live to be 100 or die before our prime, that we live at all.

May all survivors recover, all loved ones find comfort, and all the departed rest in peace.

Check back next week for my thoughts on the organic labels.


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