Starting My Vacation This Week!

Thank you all for allowing me a few weeks to rest and recharge.  This is an important component of any healthy lifestyle, and I hope you’re finding a way to do the same for yourself  at some point this summer.  Here’s a little piece written a few years back on why taking a break (whether in the form of a vacation, staycation, or even a few hours one afternoon at a spa or in the park) is good for you.  

Also, I hope Steve Cooksey has written the North Carolina Board of Nutrition and Dietetics a thank you card.  Their decision to go after him appears to have given him a great deal more than the standard fifteen minutes of fame.  Here’s a recent piece in the New York Times about the constitutional implications of their actions and his.

If you’re a health coach, check out Karen Welby’s site over at Relay Marketing – particularly the free blog services offered here!  It’s a truly innovative idea that will help you vary your content and keep your site relevant to search engines and end users.

And remember, if you purchase my Instant Author Package, you get 12 blog articles you can customize and make your own – a free bonus bonus worth over $100!   And this week only, if you download my customizable free report and join the Wellness Wordsmith Network, you’ll get the opportunity to purchase the package at a 20% discount – offer ends August 19.

I figure, I’m on vacation.  So let me share the joy just a bit.  🙂

Have a great week, and look for a few more little tidbits from me next weekend.

From last summer’s vacation – near Mt. Athos, Greece. This summer, it’s the North Carolina coast. Much less travel time!


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