The IIN Paradigm: A Model for Education Reform


So, I read a great little TED talk book this week called Why School?  How Education Must Change When Learning and Information are Everywhere, by educator and journalist Will Richardson.  In it, he talks about how American schools, rooted in old paradigms and outdated pedagogy for purposes that no longer exist, MUST change at their very core to meet the needs of our children in the midst of an ever changing modern world.

The sum of human knowledge, as he puts it, is literally at the fingertips of everyone with an internet connected device, and billions of people are at our disposal from whom we can learn – and with whom we can share what we learn.  Teachers and schools must evolve to a place where instead of merely dispensing information to churn out “learned” graduates, they become mentors and resources to assist students on the road to becoming lifelong learners.  Because while there is too much information for students to assimilate and own without some structure,   there is so much information that simply assuming one person or group of people have “the” right answer is no longer adequate.

And isn’t this EXACTLY what Joshua Rosenthal and his crew at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition have been doing for some time now?  They don’t tell us what to think.  They don’t tell us, “this is the gospel of nutrition.”  They are guides and mentors, helping us learn all the theories, helping us to sort out for ourselves what is true, what isn’t true, and what is uniquely true, useful, and helpful for us.  None of us are graduated from IIN thinking we’ve learned all we need to know.

Quite the opposite – we are turned on, on fire, wanting to know more and more.  IIN doesn’t churn out a learned bunch.  No, we are lifelong learners, eager learners, always on a quest to grow and help others on their own journeys.

@JoshuaRosenthal, we need to adapt this model of learning for the young people in our schools, not just so they can eat well and be healthy (although indeed, that MUST come first), but so they can learn and be part of this ripple effect across the spectrum of disciplines, careers, and human consciousness throughout the world.

The energy came through the livestream beautifully, next best thing to actually being there.  Can’t wait to go back “there” tomorrow.

Everyone, have a restful Saturday night.


2 thoughts on “The IIN Paradigm: A Model for Education Reform

  1. It’s very true! I think this is why I was attracted to the school, the fact we allowed to think for ourselves and encouraged to use our brains, follow our instincts, and coach our clients to do the same.

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