Doped Up on Dopamine

John Douillard had a lot to say this morning about detoxing, liver function, blood sugar, and what should be our bodies’ natural ability to cleanse themselves.  But his most poignant point was that as a society, we are are addicted to dopamine – or a need to look to outside stimulants to make us feel good.  In his example, shopping for shoes makes us feel good, but actually buying them makes us feel bad.  So we run to Starbucks for a coffee to raise the levels again, only for us to come crashing back down when we’re lighter in the wallet but thicker in the gut.

This physical addiction is, in my opinion, a clear manifestation of a much deeper spiritual lack.  Of course, Ayurveda, the traditional form of medicine and lifestyle that Douillard espouses, has a spiritual component at its heart.  When we are constantly looking to be stimulated, to feel good, to get outside forces to make us “feel” good, there is something seriously lacking in our spiritual lives.  That connection with the Divine, with ourselves, with a deep seated sense of purpose…

It’s Sunday, and a good day for us all to reflect on what external stimuli each of us turns to for these shots of dopamine.  What is it with this constant pursuit of “feeling good?”  What does that mean?  How deep does that feeling go?  How can we be more self-aware, and more at peace in our lives?  .


One thought on “Doped Up on Dopamine

  1. I’ve often wondered why it’s not ok to feel “bad” sometimes. I find that I appreciate the great times so much more when I’ve had an off day. I take it as a message that I need to rest and reflect or simply check out for a moment and regroup. Thanks for the insight Sue!

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