Final Reflections on the IIN Conference

I enrolled at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition two years ago this month.  I haven’t yet had the opportunity to attend an IIN Conference live, in person.  But this weekend’s livestream was certainly the next best thing.  And being able to watch the livestream gave me a better perspective from which to blog my thoughts and reflections in real time.

There are a bunch of takeaways from the talks this weekend.  On Saturday, we were reminded that it’s worth it to spend good money on good food, that as our digestive system’s health goes, so goes our overall health, and that brain health is critical to longevity – to truly living a long life, and not just languishing in our later years.  This morning, Mark Bittman encouraged us all to make positive shifts on the “Big Mac to Vegan” continuum, asserting that moving in the direction of plant-based eating makes a profound difference for each of our bodies and the health of the planet.  John Douillard made us think about the sad tendency of our population to seek out temporary highs, while Bernie Siegel reminded us of the power of positive thinking and doing in a life lived with purpose and love.

Sure, food changes everything.  But the ripple effect is about so much more than food.  Joshua, his associates, and his crew get it.  And they know how to deliver not just information and content, but a memorable experience.

As I remarked yesterday, IIN provides an outstanding education.  The energy from this event was palpable, even from all the way down here in Raleigh, North Carolina.  I’m sure the October conference will be just as amazing, and I’m looking forward to being able to attend a live event in the spring.

It’s been such an honor to blog this weekend for IIN, and a great opportunity to practice my developing social media skills.  🙂  Thanks so much to IIN and to all of you who’ve been following me.  Keep following me… I’ve always got interesting and provocative things to say as my contribution to our collective ripple effect.  🙂


Sue Kemple, The Wellness Wordsmith



6 thoughts on “Final Reflections on the IIN Conference

  1. Thanks for sharing your blogs and insights Sue – it was great to be able to live stream to the conference. It was a way for my husband to “attend” too and share what I have been learning. He was fascinated with Dr John Douillard this morning – it makes a change for him to hear it from the experts and not just from me……… I lost my husband to the Ryder cup this afternoon 🙂

  2. Sorry to say, due to mother just getting home from the hospital I was only able to catch part of today. But it was still awesome! I love the part of feeling included! Thanks IIN for making this possible all the way down in S.E. Texas! Hope to attend in Spring!

  3. Having graduated 3 years ago and attending “live”, this brought back many fond and meaningful memories. I could picture myself back at Lincoln Center!!
    Thank you for your eloquent account of this weekend, Sue…couldn’t have said it any better!

  4. You do indeed have interesting and provocative things to say, Sue. I have and will continue, I’m sure, to be enlightened or entertained by your observations, analyses, and summations. I live in South Carolina and hope to someday make your acquaintance. Maybe at your first IIN live conference?

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