My thoughts as we head into the homestretch…

I’m very grateful for all the kind comments I’ve been receiving about my posts this weekend.  As much as I would have loved to be at the conference live this weekend, watching the livestream has been the best way for me to blog and share with everyone who’s been following.  Just wanted to thank Joshua and the IIN team for making this inspiring weekend available to so many of us who couldn’t make the trip and/or couldn’t fit in the Lincoln Center.  🙂

Health coaches: if you’re interested and enjoy my writing, please know that I make my writing available to use as your own to help you grow your practice.  You can check out my website to see the blog articles and customizable book templates already available – more to come before 2012 ends.  And I do contract work and ghostwriting to help you get your message out if you want something a bit more personal.


AND… I’m always happy to chat with you about your own writing and strategies to grow your practice and reach more people with your IINspiring message.  The more we can get our message out, the greater the ripple effect will be!

Looking forward to Joshua’s talk in thirty minutes, and the chance to share my reflections!!!


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