Author Your Own Book Without Writing a Word

You know this is true.

Nothing – absolutely NOTHING – turns people’s attention toward you as an authority in your field faster than a book you’ve written.

But let’s get real – you probably don’t have the time, inclination, or possibly even the skills to write a book.

You’re not a writer. You’re a coach!

Well, guess what.

I AM a writer.  AND a coach.

I have written a book for my current and prospective clients called The Simple Path to a Vibrant Life. It’s a quick and easy read that remains completely true to the universal truths of good nutrition and health that those of us who graduated from IIN have studied and applied to our practices and our lives. It’s a gentle introduction for anyone confused about the basics of nutrition, addressing the benefits of eating whole foods, exploring the concepts of bioindividuality and primary food, and incorporating helpful, practical tips for people to get started on the road to authentic wellness right away.

But the really cool thing is… I have rewritten this book and created the Customizable Health Coach Book – a template you can download and edit so that it will reflect what’s unique about YOUR practice and coaching.

YOUR TITLEYOUR NAME as the author. YOUR biography and practice info. Imagine the prestige and air of authority that comes simply from having something like this in your hands! I’ve done almost all the work for you, but I’ve left it so that you can tweak it and make it YOURS.

For less than the cost of two pages written by the least expensive professional ghostwriter you can hire, you can have a 100 page, 12,000 word book in your hands that’s as much as 99% complete, just waiting for you to customize and make your own!

And new customizable books, ebooks, and blogs are rolling out every month!

If you want to learn more, just go to my website at, and you can become an author TODAY!


3 thoughts on “Author Your Own Book Without Writing a Word

  1. Thank You Sue to your articles regarding your articles on breast cancer. As and RN and someone who has practiced homeopathy for years living in these two worlds can be very challenging. Recently Colorado mandated the requirement for all healthcare workers to have flu vaccine during the current flu season. I get very ill when I take the flu vac and most people I know become ill after receiving it. One can be medically exempt if a mask is worn at all times. I am not convinced that they are safe. Yes, people can die and I continue to believe that it should be a personal choice. I am concerned that this may set a precedent for future vaccines. I believe that more emphasis should be put on holistic health. Yes, the establishment does promote holistic health, meaning body , mind, and spirit but there are still too many tests and the culture in hospitals is still very unhealthy. Hospitals still sell junk food. Medications are pushed to extreme sometimes and it all seems counter intuitive to me. I strive to stay healthy in an unhealthy environment and now having to jump through hoops to keep my basic rights just seems wrong to me. After all its ALL big business. Healthcare is huge business in this country the pharmaceutical companies have way too much power in congress.

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