Knowledge is Power

Mark Bittman gave us a ton to think about today!  Personally, I have libertarian leanings, and the idea of getting the government terribly involved in regulations about our food or any aspect of our lives is something that, at first blush, hits me the wrong way. So the best point I think Bittman made today … Continue reading

The IIN Paradigm: A Model for Education Reform

So, I read a great little TED talk book this week called Why School?  How Education Must Change When Learning and Information are Everywhere, by educator and journalist Will Richardson.  In it, he talks about how American schools, rooted in old paradigms and outdated pedagogy for purposes that no longer exist, MUST change at their … Continue reading

Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

Dr. Daniel Amen considers obesity, depression, and alzheimers different expressions of the same problem… and asserts we can attack all three at the same time. Once you become symptomatic is not when problems begin.  Symptoms come after things have been quietly wrong for a long time.  If you’re not taking care of yourself and think … Continue reading

Let’s Move!

Joel Harper is getting the crowd moving!  Thankful for the reminder to take a stretch break. You know, you need to get up off that computer for a bit, too!  Take a quick walk, jump on your rebounder, or just get up and do some stretches.  Movement is seriously important to your health.  🙂

Digestive Trouble? What are you eating?

Kathy Swift is talking – a “tsunami of sugar and salt” floods the bodies of most Americans.  Our bodies were never meant to process the foodstuffs we put in them.  More glycemic load, much less fiber and phyto/mircronutrients – we’ve replaced what we desperately need with substances we should desperately avoid. I used to have … Continue reading

Invest in Your Body

Andrea Beaman reminds us that it’s completely worth it to spend money on good food, because after all, that’s what we put IN our bodies.  Our society places so much more value on so many less important things. And really, there are so many ways to eat very well for very little money.  It’s worth … Continue reading

The Greatest Wealth is Health

Andrea Beaman is the first speaker of the conference, and she is so right… we accept our state of poor health as normal because we don’t know any better.  The body wants to heal itself; pain and illness are simply nudges for us to do what we need to do to give our bodies the … Continue reading

IIN Live Blogging Starts Now!

Things are still getting settled in New York.  I am here in Pinehurst, North Carolina with one laptop, one netbook, my Kindle Fire, iPad, and HTC smart phone trying to ensure I miss nothing!